Mortgage Servicing Fraud
occurs post loan origination when mortgage servicers use false statements and book-keeping entries, fabricated assignments, forged signatures and utter counterfeit intangible Notes to take a homeowner's property and equity.
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I received a letter today, stating a CLASSACTION AGAINST AMERIQUEST , My question is....didn't they already settle on a classaction state wide, this is in regards to the cases in the Chicago Fed. Court. case has been in Chicago 3 yrs, my lawsuit has gone on 6 yrs, since my lawsuit w/Ameriquest which going on 6  yrs, it has been sold 3 times, Now how can this happen AHMC owns the loan which is a lawsuit w/Ameriquest,.I 'am not going to enter this classaction, I will take it to the end. If, I choose not to join, it says I have to pay expences to bring my case back to my state,,Does that mean I will finally get a trial? What is going on?

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It's the Judge Aspin case that settled. You might want to show it to your lawyer.

I was going to check it out but the web site does not work.  

About this Settlement
Dec 8, 2009 ... This class action involves mortgage loans made or serviced by Ameriquest, Argent, or one of their affiliates on or after December 14, 2001. ... - Cached
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Ameriquest Sucks!



MDL No. 1715

Lead Case No. 05-cv-07097

Welcome to the Informational Website for the Ameriquest Mortgage Co. Mortgage Lending Practices Litigation

Welcome to the Ameriquest MDL Settlement informational website. This settlement was given preliminary approval by the Court on December 8, 2009. Please read the Notice carefully as it provides important information regarding your legal rights.

This class action involves mortgage loans made or serviced by Ameriquest, Argent, or one of their affiliates on or after December 14, 2001. There are five classes of loans that are eligible to participate in the Settlement, each of which are described in further detail in the frequently asked questions. You are a Class Member if you fall into any one of the eligible classes. You do not need to know which class you fall into in order to complete and submit a claim form. If you fall into the definition of the Class and wish to participate in the Settlement, you must complete and submit a Claim Form so that it is postmarked, or file your claim online, no later than March 9, 2010. Payments to Class Members who submit timely, valid claims will likely be made sometime in the Summer of 2010.


Settlement Update - Notice Mailing - Friday, January 08, 2010

Notice and Claim Forms were mailed to known class members on January 8, 2010.

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Court Documents

   Court Documents

The Notice contains only a summary of the terms of the proposed Settlement. You may find the complete Settlement Agreement, the Distribution Plan and other information linked below.

Updates will be posted on this website as information about the settlement process becomes available. Obtaining final settlement approval and accurately reviewing the filed claims and exclusions is a slow process. Please be patient.


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tired and tattered

I received a letter also. I had Ameriquest at some point. I no longer have them. The biggest concern I had was that the paperwork asked for our social security numbers. I was born in the dark but I wasn't born yesterday. I will not now or ever give my ss# out over the internet, over the phone, or by mail. Why is it that a law office would ask for such a thing? I do not trust this at all.

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I told my lawyer I do not want to be in this ...he agreed....we will wait and see if they will send my case back to Missouri....Don't know what they plan to do for borrower's who choose not to be in this MDL.

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Got my notice on Friday and decided to go ahead and join it online.  Seeing there is over 700,000 plaintiff's, I'm sure I'll receive a $25.00 check.  What a waste of time and money.....

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Ameriquest Sucks! 2010
                 Ameriquest Mortgage, It's not too funny.. 
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4 Justice Now
What's truly sad is the fact that Ameriquest's founder Mr. Roland Arnall, the financial rapist and murderer of the American Dream was able to get away without spending a single day in prison. I would bet that his family is still living high on all the monies stolen from so many.


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The Settlement provides a monetary fund of $22 Million (“Settlement Fund”), which will be used for (1) Settlement Payments to Class Members, (2) Foreclosure Prevention Services, (3) Notice and Claims Administration Costs, (4) Service Payments to the plaintiffs who brought these lawsuits (the “Class Representatives”), and (5) Attorneys’ Fees and Costs approved by the Court.

In addition to settlement payments, $200,000 of the Settlement Fund will be used to provide foreclosure prevention counseling services to eligible Class Members. Eligible Class Members are those who still have a loan originated by Ameriquest, regardless of what company is currently servicing your loan. Plaintiffs have designated Neighborhood Housing Services of Chicago (“NHS”) to provide foreclosure prevention counseling to such eligible Class Members. These services will be available to eligible Class Members if and when the Settlement becomes effective.

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O -
I want to see them in JAIL!!! That is worth more than MONEY! I Object to the SETTLEMENT!

How are they going to pay the people like Mr. Green and others that have DIED because of this kind of CRAPOLA!

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Did anyone receive a payout yet concerning this settlement? This is weird that you cant contact anyone either.
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it means about $500 for familys joining the class action if your currantly sueing them on your own send them a letter saying that you dont want to be a part of the class action or you get automatically roped into there crap read the fine print my lawyer sent mine in to late we were sueing them and there lawyers servicing co and they said we were to late sending our reply to roland arnal he was awarded a job from pres bush ambassador to the neitherlands for usa as a reward for ripping us of and makeing the polititions rich like our wonderfull govenor of ma deval patrick who is currantly working with martha coakley to win again martha worked under reilly @ the ag's office when deval ran against reilly for gov he won even thow we proved he was involved in the mortgage scam because of her help washing the ameriquest thing deval became gov and she became ag and we all know our ag's made a sweet deal for arnal who made 40 billion according to forbes by makeing him pay chump change $325million to us chumps...right is right wrong is wrong they should all be in jail
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what a nice guy.....
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he was the cause of this and now he is using it to get re elected pompous devil patrick
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this guy is our gov????

Throughout this gubernatorial race, the Boston- area media has worked to constantly reinforce the idea that Deval Patrick is the second coming of Senator Barack Obama (D-Ill). Both are said to represent the "new face" of the Democrat Party: younger, energetic and passionate.

While Obama's (seen in photo) been able to maintain a squeaky- clean image, however, Patrick has an awful lot of unpleasant baggage. And in a weird convergence between the two, they were on opposite sides over the issue of whether a sleazy corporate executive should be appointed ambassador to The Netherlands.

And guess which side Patrick was on?

From the Boston Herald:

While raking in a $360,000 salary as an Ameriquest board member, Deval Patrick wrote a letter supporting an ambassadorship for the embattled mortgage lender’s top executive, a move that was strongly fought by Illinois Sen. Barack Obama.

Obama, a rising star in the Democratic party who is in Boston today to support Patrick’s bid for governor, opposed Ameriquest CEO Roland Arnall’s October 2005 appointment as ambassador to the Netherlands, citing the company’s record of predatory lending.

In 1996, Ameriquest paid $4 million in fines after Patrick, then a top attorney in the United States Justice Department, leveled charges that the California-based firm ripped off minority, elderly and low-income homeowners. In January - while Patrick was on the company’s board - Ameriquest agreed to a landmark $325 million payout to settle similar complaints in 49 states, including Massachusetts.

“I don’t think it sends a good message that an ambassador to an important ally like the Netherlands has a cloud hanging over him,” Obama testified in October 2005 before the Senate Foreign Relations Committee.

But Patrick, in an Oct. 19, 2005 letter to the committee, praised Arnall as a “good man” who would be a “fine ambassador.” In the letter, a copy of which was obtained by the Herald, Patrick details how he worked closely with Arnall to settle the 1996 dispute and says he joined the Ameriquest board at Arnall’s urging.

“He wanted me to become a member of the board to help the company use this latest crisis as a platform for change,” Patrick wrote.

Despite opposition from Obama and other Democrats, Arnall, a billionaire who donated $5 million in soft money to President Bush’s re-election campaign, was named ambassador to the Netherlands in February.
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