Mortgage Servicing Fraud
occurs post loan origination when mortgage servicers use false statements and book-keeping entries, fabricated assignments, forged signatures and utter counterfeit intangible Notes to take a homeowner's property and equity.
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America – The Real War


Stephen G. Bishop


The attacks on New York were a shock this country had never experienced.   Much evidence suggests that the Administration was warned, but took no action.

The most devastating attack on the American people which spread to the entire world, likewise, came amid thorough and complete warning , and once again, the country’s leaders took no action.

Now, the U.S. is experiencing the largest, most complex, coordinated law enforcement blitz in its history to attack the source of the greatest financial scam in history.   A precedent was set in the 1980’s when the S&L crisis struck, once again with ample warning signs that the real estate/mortgage industry was creating wealth out of thin air with gay abandon and apparent legal immunity.  Anarchy reigned in the housing industry until it was discovered that the rapid rise in housing values was solely due to inflated appraisals.  My neighbors were walking away from their homes then, just as they are now (The most common profile of the victim being young families buying their first home).   None of the damage was ever repaired, the villains were handsomely rewarded in the form of “Bailouts” and Congress feigned shock and dismay which resulted in some new regulations, such as the licensing of real estate appraisers.  Now, licensing appraisers has turned out to have exacerbated the problem, rather than dampen or control it.  Letting the States oversee real estate appraisal is a classic conflict of interest.

So, once again, interest rates reached historic lows, and the stage was set for the most monumental ripoff by organized crime in history.  A blitz of advertising, “Lower your mortgage payments”, brought cash-strapped mortgage-holders (frequently referred to as “homeowners”)running to mortgage broker’s offices where they were duped into loans they couldn’t possibly understand and loans that were altered after the signing, resulting in a perceived “Boom” in housing.  Of course, the RE industry was already poised for a weak spot and began a new mantra, “Buy now or be priced out forever”, backing it up with an appraisal industry that is completely controlled by realtors and mortgage brokers.  Housing prices spiraled completely out of control as state real estate agencies carpet-bombed the country with real estate licenses and made a fortune on fees.

It wasn’t enough that this rampant unbridled fraud destroyed or wounded every American it came in contact with, it was packaged and sold to Wall St. as “Securities” with AAA ratings, which were then sold throughout the entire world.

The FBI thoroughly briefed George Bush on the “Epidemic” of mortgage fraud then, and now, under the Obama administration, with a healthy portion of the TARP funding is driving an attack on the RE/mortgage industry in consort with nearly every federal and state agency one can find in the phone book.  A brief review of reveals that joint efforts to indict, arrest and convict mortgage fraudsters is being conducted by the FBI, Secret Service, U.S. Postal Service, IRS, U.S. Attorney General, State Attorneys General, and state authorities, all culminating in a variety of mortgage fraud task forces from the Federal level to the City level, where local police forces are even getting in on the action.

In a country where money is now more precious than blood and human organs (you can get that if you demonstrate a need), fiscal morality is at an historic low and restoring it will be a mighty task.



9/11 was a severe blow resulting in a whiplash and scores of military and intelligence activities in response.   The largest war followed though, internally and spread to all other countries, perpetrated not by radical religious extremists, but by the most replete crime organization on the planet which has been evolving for the last 50 years or more.  A greater crime exists, though, because at a time when this nation is having to focus tremendous resources to fight overseas, an even greater effort is now required within our own borders to corral an epidemic plague.

The real estate/mortgage industry has broken the back of the American economy and the World economies, severely compromised America’s ability to wage war successfully and left millions of Americans homeless and destitute.  This will be the last great real estate party.  A non-value added industry will never again plunder and pillage at will, even if Congress wants it to happen, because the American people have had it with real estate.

As the heads roll, hopefully this time, the statesmen who deliberately sanctioned this horrific event will also join the ranks of the orange-suiters, if they don’t have the backbone to step down voluntarily.


July, 2009

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How so true this is.

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4 Justice Now
How very true indeed!



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Financial terrorism has done far more to destroy this country than any external threat.

It's just plain foolish to think we could maintain national security  along with intentional credibility and influence when we put the issue of our country becoming a third world nation in terms of economics, due process and governmental structure on the back burner.

The first order of business is a stable economy and the rule of law.

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