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occurs post loan origination when mortgage servicers use false statements and book-keeping entries, fabricated assignments, forged signatures and utter counterfeit intangible Notes to take a homeowner's property and equity.
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well i just called the ag's office to speak with martha coakley who worked with tom reilly  when i helped them with the class action against ameriquest  and told them that ameriquest is still screwing me the intern that i spoke with says that they have all my complaints on file but i need to do another one?i told the intern that im facing foreclosure nov 16 09 that i need there help now and the snooty lady said THAT THE ONLY WAY FOR HER TO HELP ME IS THE LETTER .i said you already have it that as i was dealing with what they were doing i was reporting to ags office send a letter or get a lawyer that's there answer after all i did for them scumbags they just pass the buck .......does anyone know of a lawyer thats not scarred i have copy's of emails letters from mortgage co's and proof etc . the papers o just got served say ameriquest funding llc on my deed it says ameriquest mortgage co ? im sick of fighting i lost everything trying to help so many (MY MOTHER NAMED ME AFTER ARCH ANGEL MICHAEL)i fight for people  and now i need help and there's nothing .im going to have my lawyer file the injunction but i feel so let down today. . he even say
's that the courts wont hear it unless i put up a $60.000.00 bond? there the scumbags that took advantage of us and theres proof of all that all they have to do is LOOK and they dont well im venting and have togo to work so deval patrick can get a new suit or have lunch with obama .ill see you all on the news i guess when i finally snap THERE NOT TAKING MY  HOME MY 6 KIDS HOME  OVER MY DEAD BODY i have done all i can to help every one and they will get my deed when they pry it from my dead cold hands .and my death will be on (martha coakly barney frank duval patrick senator kennedy  tom reilly  lawyers obama bankers servicer fci lending (*joe sedeno) ameriquest (devi rapapopo) (lisa conti) (oscar burger) and the list goes on im not suicidal just i man with pride and honor /morals and love for his kids & country and i refuse to let pond scum rob my family ... im going to post a news article about me on this thread so no one can say that i dont try to be a great American GOD BLESS AMERICA YEAH I SAID IT .these people better hope a doctor i cant afford never tells me i have months to live if you know what i mean

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Local 'angels' raise money for children

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MEMBERS OF THE: Arch Angel Knights and their children, from left, Albert Rose, Debbie Montrond, Ceasar Montrond, Richard Rose, Bryan Henault, Jim and Liz Thomas, Anders Martenson, Rebecca Knight, Bob Knight Sr., David Kristy and Cara Foster, DJ Dom Camaro, Denny Shipley Sr. Adam and Avary Bond, Olie Petersson, Serina Grant, Kristina Grant, Michael Grant, Jada Grant, Dan Clutier, Justin Grant, John Santos, Denny Shipley Jr.











Special Writer


MIDDLEBORO — With summer officially upon us, it's time to take the classic cars out of the garage and start cruising the streets.

The Arch Angel Knights Car Club hosts a weekly car show from 2-6 p.m. every Saturday at Cirelli's Marketplace in Middleborough Park at 495. Anyone with an antique auto, muscle car, or just a vehicle that they want to show off can attend and display their car. DJ Doc Doowop from 95.9 fm spins oldies and classic rock and roll for the attendees to enjoy as they soak up the sun and take in the sights. Cirelli's provides refreshments for a nominal fee and all of the profits raised by the two organizations are donated to the Children's Hospital.

"We are just a bunch of great guys trying to do good, you know," said Arch Angel Knight founder and KRS Towing owner Mike Grant.

Last year the Arch Angel Knights with the help of Cirelli's raised approximately $6,000 for the Children's Hospital. This was done in the memory of John Fontaine, the nine year-old Middleboro boy who died after being infected with the Eastern equine encephalitis virus in 2006.

The Arch Angel Knights Car Club formed a little over a year ago when Mike Grant and Cirelli's teamed up to put on car shows at Cirelli's parking lot during the summer.

"It's just something that came about because of the car show," Mr. Grant said of the AAK's start.

John Santos of Cirelli's in Middleboro was put in contact with Mr. Grant when he wanted to start holding a car show at the marketplace. Mr. Grant agreed to running the car show if Cirelli's could help a charity in the process. He suggested donating to the Children's Hospital and Cirelli's agreed.

"Mike has the contacts in the car world and we have the facility and the logistics, and together we have been working to create the car show. Last year was a great success," said Mr. Santos.

Although there is a car show every Saturday this summer, there are a couple of big events. The first event is Cirelli's Classic Car Cruise Day Barbecue Bonanza this Saturday from noon until 6 p.m. There will be a raffle, music from DJ Doc Doowop, face painting for the kids as well as the classic cars for the family to enjoy. Proceeds from this event will go directly to Children's Hospital in Boston.

In addition to raising money for the Children's Hospital and putting on a weekly car show, the AAK do a lot for the local community. Just recently a Middleboro resident who complained of the graffiti on the West Side Field dugouts approached the AAK about helping to repaint the dugouts. The members contacted Aubuchon Hardware, who donated two gallons of green paint. The members then proceeded to repaint the dugouts for thechildren of the Middleboro Little League. According to Mr. Grant, the club also got a local storage facility to donate a storage unit to a woman who had been evicted from her apartment.

The AAK will also be cruising through Middleboro on Aug. 29 in conjunction with the Red White and Blues Festival to help raise money for veteran aid. Mr. Grant explains that the AAK will meet in Plymouth at the Veteran's Association and drive up through Middleboro to Battis Field.

Those who wish to join the Arch Angel Knights or to donate money should visit or call Mike Grant at 508-844-7720.

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