Mortgage Servicing Fraud
occurs post loan origination when mortgage servicers use false statements and book-keeping entries, fabricated assignments, forged signatures and utter counterfeit intangible Notes to take a homeowner's property and equity.
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Greetings MS Fraud Forum.
I want to share my story and maybe someone here can give me some good orderly advice.
In 1997 my now deceased mother mortgaged her almost four acres of land to move a small wood frame house on.She went through a lender called UC Lending out of Shreveport La for the amount of $21,800.00 at 13.689% for 179 payments.
Then in 1999 I got into some trouble with the law and she refinanced her mortgage through another company so I could afford an attorney.
This company was PSFS Mortgage Resources {A Division of The Provident Bank,an Ohio Banking Corporation}309 Vine St,Mail Stop 198D Cincinnati,OH 45202.

My mothers monthly mortgage note was $409.89.In November of 2004 she received a letter from Litton Loan {4828 Loop Central Drive,Houston Texas 77081-2226}A Validation Of Debt Notice saying their records reflect the current amount of the Debt to be $32,352.31 and that the debt consist of principle,interest,and if applicable,negative escrow and service fees and that unless she notified them Litton Loan in writing within thirty (30)after receipt of their notice disputing their validity of the debt or portion thereof,Litton would assume the debt to be valid.

Litton demanded that my mother start paying her mortgage to them and her note went from $409.89 to PCFS Mortgage Resources to Litton Loan $496.12 a month.

All went well until she received another letter from Litton Loan dated April 2005 five (5)months later {I.E.Notice Of Default And Intent To Accelerate} that demanded her to pay them Litton Loan $1398.81 to bring the loan current within 45 days of their letter notice or they would be forced to Foreclose on her.
My mother managed to pay them their Litton Loans demand for the $1398.81.From 2005 to 2006 Litton Loan done this to my mother 3 more times.March 13 2006 my mother received another letter from Litton Loan demanding another $1361.71 within 45 days or they would be forced to foreclose on her.
My mother contacted Litton Loan and explained to them that her note was due on the 10th of every month and she VIA Western Union quick collect sent in her mortgage payment on the 3rd so it was impossible for her to be late and that their claims were bogus mortgage fraud.Litton Loan clearly knew my mother was not a rich lady and that she was on a very low fixed income to her to pay it or get her an attorney and prove it in court.
My mother was so furious after she was put through to one Litton Loan Employee after the other on the phone to only tell her situation over and over not getting her no-where with them that she at 61 years old had a very bad spell that left her with a chronic headache and shortness of breath.
On March 16th 2006 at 5pm my mother at 61 years old died of a massive heart attack.My wife got in touch with Litton Loan since she is a co-signer on the mortgage told them of my mothers death and what did she need to do to get the mortgage payed.Litton Loan told my wife they would send her a letter and to go from there.My wife received a payment agreement from Litton Loan eight (8)days after we buried my mother instructing her to sign the repayment agreement with them.Remember Litton Loan demanded $1361.71 from my mother on march 13th 2006 and Litton Loans letter repayment plan agreement sent eight (8)days after my mothers death went from $1361.71 to $1736.02.
Within March 13th of my then living mothers letter to March 24th (8)days after my mothers death 2006 within {11}days Litton Loans claim gained $374.31 in the very same month just days after my mothers death.
Litton Loans repayment plan agreement with my wife dated March 24th 2006 for a year was to be $569.42 to bring everything so-called current with the mortgage within a year.
My wife did not sign it and we went and carried Litton Loan and others chapter 13.We filed on April 12th 2006 at 12pm for 48 months at $668.00 a month and we were confirmed in front of the BK Judge shortly after payments beginning in May 2006.

Litton Loans claim on the mortgage at the time of our filing our chapter 13 bankruptcy was for $24,309.88 on the mortgage and $2321.78 for the so-called late fees etc.

Ok here we have Litton Loan sending my mother a letter March 13th demanding $1361.71 and after my mother died in the same month their Letter to my wife saying it was $1736.02 Litton Loans claim gaining $374.31 from March 13th 2006 to March 24th 2006 to $2321.78 by April 12th 2006 another $585.76 within another 14 days of our carring Litton Loan Bankrupt gaining $960.06 from March 13th 2006 to April 12th 2006 roughly 3 weeks.
We have had our own property insurance the whole chapter 13 bankruptcy which has been faxed to Litton Loan with account # number from our Attorney on every renewed policy.
Ok after we filed our Chapter 13 bankruptcy April 12th 2006 being confirmed shortly after and starting our $668.00 a month bankruptcy payments in May 2006 for 48 long months we start getting statements from Litton Loan every month like clock work.
We got our first yearly financial periodical report from our Chapter 13 Trustee in June of 2007 showing the numbers coming down on our debts.We shortly after get another statement from Litton Loan {noteuring our bankruptcy}showing the principle balance on our mortgage and money going into Escrow and money going into a suspence account.
Our Trustee has been paying Litton Loan out of our $668.00 bankruptcy payments $496.12 a month which is about two weeks after the actual due date of the 10th to Litton Loan and by the 12th in our Chapter 13.
Months ago I noticed the mortgage statements from Litton Loan compared to what our chapter 13 Trustee reports is roughly about $18,500.00 dollars more.
During our bankruptcy my shop burnt down {ruled accident} and the structure part was only covered for up to $3000.00.The insurance check came pay to the order of me and Litton Loan.I get the check and carry it to my bankruptcy attorney and he got the Trustees permission to apply it to my remaining bankruptcy debt.Upon this we owed $6,680.00 to our case minus $3000.00 off the applied insurance check.
After this was applied our Attorneys office called saying we would be through with the bankruptcy at 42 months instead of the 48 months which would be in May 2010 {7)months from now.
I decided that me and my wife meet with our Attorney {last Friday} before this happens and get them to contact Litton Loan to see how much the pay off is.Someone in the bankruptcy division at Litton Loan told my Attorneys office $18,823.80 before interest etc.
My Attorneys office said I am confused as to why these numbers are so high and I demand a payment history and that is what we are waiting for.My Attorneys office says if Litton has broke the Law that they would bust them down because Louisian wont play their Houston Texas bank robber game.
I told my Attorneys office out of all my research of this corrupt empire and that me and my wife felt like upon our discharge that Litton Loan would demand the $18,823.80 plus fees and interest within 45 days or still take our home that will be payed off in our chapter 13.
Anyone here got any good orderly advice? because I feel that 7 months knowing all this ahead of my and my wifes discharge we can find our way.
I heard a friend of mine say that Litton Loan on the papers we have from them demanding money says they are a debt collector not our deed holder and we should of not dealt with them since my mother nor wife signed any contract with them and that Litton Loan in their claims and our paper trails have proof of their fraud.Yes Litton killed my mother.

We are just putting it all together and we have the proof that the claims Litton Loan made on the late fees to our bankruptcy is a fraud when seeing their earlier letters and what they actually claimed to our bankruptcy Attorney.

Any helpful knowledge would deeply be appreciated.
Take care Steven wayne.

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Your attorney should be reported to the bar association for inadequate representation.
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Sorry to tell you. Your in the HELL GATES of LITTON LOAN, many of us have gone through them. 
They designed foreclosure's to maximize income.  Please feel free to contact me through my email, and we can chat.  I'm currently involved in a law suit with Litton Loan, and due to go to Trial in February, I have been disclosing the on going criminal enterprise of Litton Loan, bit by bit. And after my second deposition I will post it all here for everyone to see.  I will then back up what I am saying Litton Loan is a Terrorist Organization.  That engages in MAIL FRAUD, WIRE FRAUD, MONEY LAUNDERING, EXTORTION, and Criminal Conspiracy. 
They use their lawyers as both Swords and Shields, and have stolen tens of Millions of dollars over a short period of time by their scam. 

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The Equitable One
You the Man Gary.
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Steven Wayne
Mr Gary Wait.

I thank you so much for the Advice and I will be following up this coming week on the outstanding information I received from you.My you truly are a deadly enemy of the Litton Loan empire.My attorney will be in touch.

I cant thank you enough.

Steven Wayne.

Mr Gary Wait.

I thank you so much for the outstanding information and advice concerning the Litton Loan empire tyranny.Truly you are a deadly enemy to them.I will be following up this coming friday with my Attorney if not earlier and do expect a phone call from them.

I just cant thank you enough.

Take care my friend.

Steven Wayne.

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