Mortgage Servicing Fraud
occurs post loan origination when mortgage servicers use false statements and book-keeping entries, fabricated assignments, forged signatures and utter counterfeit intangible Notes to take a homeowner's property and equity.
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The big banks are at it again.
                                First, they committed widespread mortgage fraud against millions of Americans. Then they began fraudulently kicking millions out of their homes. And now, they're pressuring state Attorneys General to let them off the hook for their crimes!
                                Join thousands of people this Thursday, February 3 in calling your state Attorney General to demand a strong settlement against the big banks.

                                Last week, homeowners in Iowa met again with state Attorney General Tom Miller, who is leading the nationwide investigation into the foreclosuregate scandal.
                                When AG Miller met with us in December, he said he would put bank executives in jail for the crimes they've committed against the American people. But last week, he was much less willing to make bold statements. This must mean one thing: AG Miller and the other 49 Attorneys Generals are being pressured by the big banks to make a settlement that lets them off the hook. We can't let the big banks get away with their crimes. We need to fight back.
                                A few minutes of your time on Thursday will go a long way in sending a message to the Attorneys General that we're watching their work closely and we won't settle for anything less than deep penalties for the big banks and justice for millions of homeowners.
                                You can also help spread the word about the call-in day! Forward this email to your friends. Go to and post the call-in day info on your Facebook page and announce it on Twitter.
                                Don't let the big banks get away with their crimes. Thank you for all your support.
                                In solidarity,
                                National People's Action
                                P.S. After you've made the call and urged your friends to do the same, please take a few more seconds to sign our petition!
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To the residents of Florida,

Make sure you not only call. But with my experience this morning, you need to also go to the Attorney General website and click on 1) Office Info  2) click on contact us 3) in the subject box put "Investigating the fraudulent mortgage practes of the big banks" 4) in the company box put the major banks.

I called and they didn't take info as to who I was. Also, there was no proof that I was even heard. When I asked about that, they told me to go on website.

Good Luck...
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