Mortgage Servicing Fraud
occurs post loan origination when mortgage servicers use false statements and book-keeping entries, fabricated assignments, forged signatures and utter counterfeit intangible Notes to take a homeowner's property and equity.
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ACORN keeps pressure on subprime lenders, servicers

ACORN members demanded Ocwen Financial modify loans for troubled borrowers.

WEST PALM BEACH, Fla.—Chanting, “Sharks bite, ACORN fights – predatory lenders, you’re not right,” dozens of ACORN members on Sept. 26 stormed the offices of Ocwen Financial, demanding that one of the nation’s largest servicers of subprime mortgages modify those loans to keep families from losing their homes. Ocwen CEO William Erbey had ignored a July letter from Florida ACORN requesting a meeting, so members paid him a visit at work. Among the ACORN members were Olga and Paul Gant of Broward County, who told the Palm Beach Post they are facing foreclosure after their monthly mortgage payments jumped from $2,200 to $3,000 per month. ACORN is demanding that Ocwen enact a moratorium on foreclosures, modify loans according to borrowers’ ability to repay and lock in interest rates at pre-adjustment levels.

Similar demands were made in San Jose, Calif., at the offices of Countrywide Financial, where scores of ACORN members gathered to protest that company’s failure to work out loan modifications with homeowners. ACORN estimates 1.8 million adjustable rate mortgages worth $900 billion will reset at higher, unaffordable interest rates over the next two years. As many as 2 million families nationwide are in danger of losing their homes.

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And where does ACORN's funding come from?

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I don't know but I know they been around for a long time.I think you have to become a member I don,t know how much is their member is their web site you can check it out.
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AMC Hater

As soon as ACORN gets their hush money from OCWEN, they'll drop this - just like they did with Ameriquest.

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Don't know anything about the site itself but I believe ACORN is a non-profit. That being the case you can run them through and take a quick look at them from the financial angle.
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I really think it depends on what state you live in.  Some states are more aggressive in their representation of homeowners and consumers, then other states. 

When I went to the ACORN chapter in my state and asked for assistance concerning Litton's predatory foreclosures.  I was told to join ACORN, it would be a $35.00 membership fee. The director briefly spoke with me; because at that time he was only concerned about Katrina victims in Louisiana membership dues.  After wards, a counselor made a few calls to Litton who told her to call their lawyers and several months later they made an inquiry to HUD.  As usual, nothing was ever done and this is the reason why we now have this big sub prime lending crisis.  
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Employment Policies Institute
The Real Acorn:
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Hud has them on their list to help out Victim I read the website you send me.smurf
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October 9, 2007: E-News
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ACORN brings foreclosure crisis to Countrywide's doorstep

Kicking off an ongoing campaign to challenge the business practices of the nation's largest mortgage lender, ACORN members on Oct. 9 disrupted business at the offices of Countrywide Financial Corp. in New York and other cities, demanding that the company do more to work with borrowers to prevent foreclosure. Victims of predatory lending, those facing foreclosure and their supporters urged the company to review loan cases with the goal of modifying unaffordable loans to get as many borrowers as possible into affordable 30-year, fixed-rate loans. As many as 1.3 million adjustable-rate mortgages are expected to reset at higher interest rates by the end of next year. As the subprime lending crisis widens, as many as 2 million families could face foreclosure and lose their homes.

ACORN is calling on Countrywide to discontinue giving delinquent homeowners unaffordable payment plans, and instead implement a policy to modify loans based on the homeowner’s income and ability to repay; reach out to troubled borrowers to convert adjustable-rate loans to fixed rates for homeowners who will not be able to afford their monthly payments when their rates increase; and place any impending foreclosures on hold for 90 days if homeowners have begun working with a HUD-approved, nonprofit housing counseling agency.

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ACORN seems to have an agenda all its own......and it doesn't appear to be helping regular folks. It started here in Arkyville, folks...a place of corrupt politics and crooked back room deals. We still carry on about Faubus and a few others...

ACORN Is A Bad Seed
Something’s rotten in the state of New Mexico, and Ohio, and Michigan, and Pennsylvania, and Florida, and…

ACORN says it is a community group, but it is really a multi-million-dollar, multinational conglomerate. Its political agenda is driven by a relative handful of anti-corporate activists. ACORN spends millions of dollars to promote economic policies (like raising the minimum wage), but has admitted that it doesn't always want to abide by them. ACORN advocates for workers' rights and runs two unions, but has in the past fought its own employees' efforts to form a union.

ACORN's history makes for pretty interesting reading. The Clinton Administration found that ACORN was misspending government grants designed to help counsel the poor. Although it seeks minimum wage increases in cities and states across the country -- ACORN sued the state of California to get out of paying its own employees the state minimum wage.

ACORN's practices have corrupted our political process as well. It has engaged in questionable election activities for years—stretching back even to the organization's founding years in Arkansas . In recent years, as its political power has increased, so have instances of fraud.

Read more (if you can stomach it) at the link provided.
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Long and short of it not to go looking for help on MSF issues or anything from ACORN.  Mike is correct. Acorn is a non-profit organization but according to report linked in previous post, donations collected in the name of non-profit get transferred to a for profit organization run by same people. 
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Just gotta say it
You are 100% right about ACORN.
Was a member until I tried to get them to come back me up once and could not get a return call. CALLED EVERY CHAPTER. Not one response.
Guess what my request was about in 2000 when I emailed..called and faxed info to them...
If you guessed Mortgage Servicing Fraud pertaining to Fairbanks Capital you would be right.
They were not interested.
Are you getting the picture yet.
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Acorn is a fraud I was a member and went on demonstrations and meetings.
Acorn through Acorn housing corporation is a lender and they made it clear that they were far more interested in helping people by financing them out of bad loans that taking real action against predatory lenders.

They are like the politicians we see tongue lashing these crooked lenders and then finding a way to subsidize them or legalize the theft so no criminal action is taken and making it a civil matter and allowing them to renegotiate the loans voluntarily at their discretion.

Ameriquest was Acorns primary lender and Acorn is funded by Citi (who is bailing out Ameriquest) and JP Morgan. Jp Morgan was instrumental in setting up the whole fractional reserve system so lenders could use our collateral and equity to lend back to us though monetized debt. In other words JP Morgan was instrumental in setting up a system where money springs into existence upon using our collateral to secure a loan, the biggest get rich off of other peoples money scam of all time.

It was after meeting with California deputy A.G. that undercover police attempted to ram me off the road twice during the LaConchita mudslides and then a few minutes after they fled from  the scene claimed I had tried to run them off the road. I was in front of them and also they must have had me staked out in order to know where I was and why would would the police take off from the scene of a road incident if I had endangered them as claimed?

The lead drug enforcement agent I mediately said you endangered me and I replied you tried to run me off the road, to which he replied ever since you got here you have been blaming your problems on everyone else, and began questioning me about who I was meeting and wanted to know which attorneys, enforcement agents and politicians I planned on meeting with and when.

The officer questioned me on Arnold Schwarzenegger and whether he should be allowed to run for President. I had had a personal meeting with the deputy A.G. and upon a subsequent  teleconference about my Ameriquest case my phone clicked squealed and echoed so much it was hard to have the conference. The A.G. Bill Lockyer and Roland Arnall are longtime close personal friends.

Well the Ventura county police seized our vehicle while Debra was coughing up blood and My leg was in a full cast and held our vehicle claiming we were under investigation and they could not release any information and would not provide any paperwork. They claimed holding our vehicle was matter of their discretion and not a matter of law.

Acorn is a propaganda agency for the fascist corporate oligarchy we have in the U.S. being sold to us as a free market Capitalistic Democracy. They convince us the corporations are bad and greedy ( which is often true) a consequence of capitalism. Capitalism actually is the opposite of feudalism and is equal ownership and protection under the law of common peoples property rights. So to get rid of Capitalism or partly socialize it is actually taking away the property rights of common citizens not protecting them. Acorn and other groups want to convince us to give control over the greedy corporations to the government to protect us from their greed when in fact they already have the framework in place to be the government and we effectively already have a corporate dictatorship as evidenced by ms fraud and Kelo V New London.

The seed of this anti corporate anti capitalist propaganda actually comes from the corporations themselves, their shills and political partners. We need fair and equal enforcement of our property rights and a fair, fixed, and stable savings based monetary and lending structure where lenders actually lend their own money and lose it if they make bad choices. Acorn is part of the propaganda machine that is trying to get us to demand to put a noose around our own necks. These kinds of organizations usually push for preemption and Federal regulation to solve the problem of financial fraud and take the power away from state and local governments.  Civil and criminal remedies are the sole jurisdiction and discretion of one central government agency  with the final word on regulation, and enforcement. Of course they want us to forget  that single central agency is part of the banks themselves.

Don't get me wrong I'm bitterly opposed to corporate and business fraud but to solve the problem by giving up all our property rights and just plain accepting the apartments, location, jobs, and wages a central government corporate dictatorship choses for us is no solution at all.

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