Mortgage Servicing Fraud
occurs post loan origination when mortgage servicers use false statements and book-keeping entries, fabricated assignments, forged signatures and utter counterfeit intangible Notes to take a homeowner's property and equity.
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Would the people who are trying to turn this into what it isn't supposed to be just please take their issues and egos somewhere else so the victims of MORTGAGE SERVICING FRAUD aren't turned away?

People, blogs and even some forums are free.  If you want to hack away at your political or personal enemy please take the five minutes it takes to learn how to put up a free forum or blog instead of trying to hang on to the Google hits this site gets.

The peripheral constituencies that have landed here and decided to try and steal it for themselves have managed to turn this forum into their own playground while the real victims of companies who specialize in being predatory servicers sit back and laugh at some of the nonsense that gets posted.

Once again as in past instances, when this kind of lunacy takes over it's time for everyone who has a mortgage servicing issue to try and find another forum where the rational issues are addressed.

The people passing out the doughnuts and hot coffee politial propaganda aren't trying to keep you in your home. They have other agendas and visitors are being used while they steer people away from the real issues into completely bogus diatribe.

Victims are drowning in a sea of fringe issue misinformation, some of it coming from deliberate misdirection.

Those people are paying for it with their homes.


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H. Gosh

Moose, I've yelled the same message years ago.  The victims of mortgage servicing fraud, real fraud, not of our own doing, are being lost.  We are the victims of racketeering.   However, this forum has been taken over.  It is time to stand up and take back what is ours!!!  We have the original Fairbanks settlement, which is a fraud from the get-go!  How can a class action go forward without any plaintiffs?  We have settlements that have never been recorded and now because of time and transfer of ownership of corporations are non-enforceable.  We have lost our direction - can we get it back?  I'm fighting!  Is anyone joining me? 

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O -
Did you ever have a bad attorney? Or one that was working for the other side? 

I would hope that you will never have to deal with not only Predatory and Mortgage Servicing Fraud but to also have a lawyer that's trying to delay/derail your cases as long as possible.

This is a good place to let people know what lawyers are working on our side. The Good The Bad and the UGLY!

This attorney Nick Ekonomides that comes here and has also posted here, Advertises from here. Gets new victims from here. This attorney is not on our side.

If you feel this is not related MSF, You are wrong

 Best of luck

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Fed UP
Sorry to have been gone for so long, but I 100% agree! 

Keep on the right road and you'll get there quicker.  Let yourself get sidetracked and it will take a lot longer. So doing a reality check is absolutely necessary! 

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Fed Up
Whoops!  Almost missed in "O" 

Yes I have had a "bad" attorney!  Iin fact he was a friend of mine.  We had worked in the same law office for over 5 years. 

He kept saying "but you have NOT paid your mortgage in 10 months".  I kept saying "do the math!"  As with all of the bogus charges and putting money in a suspense account, instead of applying it to the mortgage payments, I was actually about 15 months ahead of the game. 

Trust yourself and your instincts.  There is no easy out in this battle of MS Fraud! 
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Its not just one problem that is root cause, lawyers 7 years ago knew little or nothing of MSFRAUD, little area's of law practiced in RESPA, and TLA, and FDCP, were then just serviced with a few lawyers.
Now their are entire bar groups across the country involved, and even Major law firms now are beginning to see the money involved. 
I have said that MSFRAUD will die from a million cuts, each bit of litigation costs them money out of their pockets, and with mounting litigation, those that Underwrote MSFRAUD, as CBASS/RADIAN/LITTON LOAN and BANK of AMERICA from my own small perspective are now beginning to pay the price, and its showing how the FED is really "Underwriting" these banks, and insurance companies, with cheap money!  As they continue thier march through the country in foreclosures, claiming they are not "Making Money" doing foreclosures.  I think we have debunked that in several case's by multiple selling of the original mortgage paper, and insurance claims, then the real property being sold to a new owner, Servers like Litton Loan are making hundreds of millions of dollars from foreclosure's!  Not a myth, but a fact!  Anyone that thinks foreclosure's do not make someone money in the chain of servers, and lenders is a blind fool, or just stupid.  If it weren't profitable they would not do it! It is really that simple.  however most are backed by some Insurance policy, if not by the FEDS, then private, and that's were we are seeing with the down fall of these mortgage insurance companies, that are now being directly "Subsidized" by the Bank of America, via the Federal Reserve!  Its not rocket science!  
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I have to admit that I resent the factions that take us away
from Predatory Mortgage Servicing Fraud.

There is no good reason for not setting up their own website, blog
or Yahoo Group, AOL Group...

We usually ask them to stop and are given a prompt retort that no,
we are wrong.

We should be told we have to live with it?

Sorry but I cannot agree with O on this topic.


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Fed Up
Sorry Dee, been out of the loop with the girls' surgeries - which went remarkably well BTW - so nice to see them standing straight and tall!  They went for a check up yesterday and got chewed out by the doc for doing too much  LOL 

So anyhow, what dont' you agree with?  That there are bad attorneys?  or you don't agree with the one she named as being a not so good attorney? 

Hope all is well with you!

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Glad to hear the girls are okay.  I was hoping you'd let us know how that went.  A good result with surgery is quite nice.

So anyhow, what dont' you agree with?  That there are bad attorneys?  or you don't agree with the one she named as being a not so good attorney? 
Yes, that's it.  I disagree that there are bad

You can find Nick's name on many different threads if you are interested
in reading the accusations that they make towards each other.

This is just one example of the forum continuously hi jacked
from mortgage servicing fraud.


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O -
I agree with what you are saying about getting off track, it just makes me mad that he might still be getting more victims from here.
So glad to hear everything went well with the surgery . That's GREAT!

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You belong here.

He doesn't.

Place you and Nick side by side?

You contribute to this site.

He doesn't.

He has never offered any information about mortgage servicing fraud.

You do.

A heads up is fair but dominating the board on many threads at the same time with various emanations?  Not so much. 


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O -

I feel the same way. I was not the one that started the threads this week, I feel it might be Nick trying to make George look bad or something so that some one that has a Florida BAR complaint against Nick will not trust him.

I try to keep to the Ships sinking threads since most of the info about our cases are there and the Ameriquest Breached the Settlement thread.

This forum has been a HUGE help to me in my battles with Ameriquest and HSBC, I found out how to fight back and got a lot of help from a lot of people in this forum. Thank's to People like Dee, Ann, George,Mike,Greg,arky and to many others to name. I send out links to this site to reporters that write anything close to MSF, Also to TV, News, our Government, I have videos on Youtube about Predatory lending and MSF and have links to this site on youtube and other web sites I have started including Myspace.

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I agree with Moose. George wanted a payoff, didn't get it, goes no where with a bar complaint so comes here and tries to run a campaign against an attorney who reduced George's friends mortgage by $55k.

I think the personal battles should be off this forum for good.
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