Mortgage Servicing Fraud
occurs post loan origination when mortgage servicers use false statements and book-keeping entries, fabricated assignments, forged signatures and utter counterfeit intangible Notes to take a homeowner's property and equity.
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I was going to post about a recent series of events that have happened within the last 45 days....and here we are Title Company error????

1) Received a letter from the county tax assessor's office stating that they
    believe someone is living at this property address, and the assessment
    has changed.  It seemed to mean that they were only assessing the
    property 22.3 acres, and not the house on it.  I thought this was odd,
    as the people we bought this place from were living here

2) Then received a tax bill for property taxes that will be due in December,
    that seemed normal, although at closing I was told there was a tax
    abatement, but on one was able to explain that.

3) 2 days ago got a phone call on my cell  (hmm, how did they get that?)
    from the Title Company telling me that they are having a problem recording the transaction.  I asked if they had the entire file, she said yes,
I asked her to send it to me, along with the quit-claim deed that she wanted me to sign, as the original one I signed at closing was mis-placed.

We bought this house and acreage 18 months ago, and still there is no recording?  The Title company was not the local title company that did all the title work, and was at the closing, this was another branch located in Nebraska, she said they are the division that work out the "problems"

Last weekend, curious about the recording because of the letter from the county, I tried to get in to the county records, with no avail.  I ended up on HomeInfo Max where I paid to get property information on the property we "think" we are purchasing.

What I found was this:  Detailed Property Report that only lists ownership information --my husbands name, with a mailing address of our previous address, not the current address where we actually live.  The property characteristics are all blank, this actually pertains to the house, and it is all blank...could be this data was gathered prior to the house being built...which was three years ago.

The last transfer information shows a recording date of May 5, 2005 (prior to us purchasing the home), the deed type is listed as a quit claim deed...
a sale date of May 4, 2005 (also prior to our purchase date) and a sale price of $292,600.00   hmmmmm....

We closed our loan April 18, 2006, with a purchase price of $234,000

Last Market Sale Information, shows a recording date of April 10, 2007
and a sale date of April 18, 2006 (our actual closing date)
and shows the sellers name

When we, I say we, but the loan is only in my husbands name...because of my previous BS with Saxon, I didn't want to be on the loan or the deed.
Anyway, at closing, we did not get a copy of ANYTHING!!  I called the title company several times to request copies of the closing documents, but they never sent them to me.  So 18 months later, there is a problem with the recording of the sale because they lost the quit claim deed I signed at closing. 

We are not behind in our I don't know what all this means, or how it was prompted...what do you all think?

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Alright, this is the second post I've read about title problems today.

Are they trying to create a new scam due to incorrect title?
Sounds extremely fishy to me.

Is this the new way of saying a home owner doesnt actually own the home? because the title was never "TITLED" to this specific property, or the correct CURRENT owners?

Whose post was it? Was it Lyndas, or Lindas?
Joe, had cleaned up her questioning, and reposted Lyndas questions.

Your post here, is the 2nd of nature...... I'd say LOOK OUT, and BEWARE.
Start EVERY bit of documentation that you can. and GET a REAL ESTATE ATTORNEY QUICKLY.

EVERY HOME, before it is sold......... IS SUPPOSED TO HAVE A "CLEAR" TITLE!
When a bank gives a Borrower money for a loan on a home the BANK MUST FIRST VERIFY that the Title of the home is SAFE, and "CLEAR" for the borrower before they will let the "Closings" begin.

If this title search was done by the Mortage Company, you are screwed and NEED help QUICK! If this title search was performed by the Title Company your bank selected, and is incorrect, ---- AN "UN-CLEARED" Title then you have the right to SUE the Title Company, and want to get the suit filed, before eviction notices come your way.

What they can say is....... This is not your property, never has been, it is not associated with you, or your loan, you must leave the premesis.

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Wow...I would think that if they really wanted me to sign something...
They would have sent it to me over-night....still don't have the file they promised to send, or the Quit Claim Deed they wanted me to sign.
Hmmm....wonder why?
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Joe B

     There are a few holes and a tad bot of confusion to be sure...

So, what paperwork do YOU have? What does it say?

If you have no paperwork, call the attorney who conducted the closing (hopefully she/he was selected by you), and get a copy of their file. Drive over there and get a copy ASAP. Don't ask to fax/mail/carrier pigeon... go get it!

Go to the county and copy everything they have. Don't do the online thing... it may or may not be current. I think part of your "problem" is the county has incomplete information. This may or may not be a problem... Physically go down there and copy the files yourself!

As an aside to this: was the property ever divided? It sounds as if there is acreage involved, and that perhaps the property was split, and then some confusion occurred. So, do you know any of the actual property history?

If the title company is near you, go get the file yourself! Demand a copy.. after all, you paid for it!!

Find a competent real estate attorney if you haven't already.

Lastly... despite all the paperwork confusion, what do you think happened, and then what do you think the problems are?

Trying to help, but I am still a bit confused...


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