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Saxon Mortgage  Have you heard of them and are they upstanding?  They wouldn't except our payment because we were alittle over a month late.

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Haven't heard of them myself but since you asked I typed in Saxon Mortgage

in my browser and got a lot of hits.


Looks maybe like where there is smoke there is fire.


Type it in and see what applies to you.  It appears at the very least they do sub prime loans.



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Rip-off Reports has complaints about Saxon Mortgage.

They appear to be doing the same thing that all the other predatory servicers are doing.

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IMO, if a company is honest there is no way they won't accept a payment.  Most would be glad to get the money.  A late fee would be understandable under the circumstances, but why not take the money?

That indicates to me an attempt to set the customer up on the road to excessive fees, credit dings by marking the account delinquent and ultimately, foreclosure.

I notice the troller who called it all "Sour Grapes" has struck and flown off.  This non-acceptance of payments is one way to tell the good guys from the bad.  The good guys would take the payment....yes, there are good guys in the industry but it's unfortunate that being an honest business does not make the news.

Be prepared for what will happen with Saxon.  Document everything.  If your state allows you to record phone calls, do so.  All letters registered/return receipt.  These are all my suggestions, I am not a lawyer but have been forced to learn from experience.   Arm yourself for battle, for that is what it is.

Here's just one story about the company.  Seems where there's smoke, there's a bonfire.  There is another on the same page but for brevity's sake, I'll just add this one.  BTW, here is the URL:

$.2 Million.  What's that supposed to mean and why put the amount like that?  To make it look like it's a huge victory? 

SAXON MORTGAGE: Reaches Settlement For IL Consumer Fraud Lawsuit
Saxon Mortgage Services reached a settlement for the class
action filed against it, initially styled "Margarita Barbosa, et
al. v. Saxon Mortgage Services (f/k/a Meritech Mortgage
Services, Inc.) et al., Case No. 02C6323" in the United States
District Court for the Northern District of Illinois, Eastern

This is a class action alleging violation of the Illinois
Interest Act, the Illinois Consumer Fraud Act, similar laws, if
any, in other states, and a breach of contract.  The plaintiffs
allege the Company violated Illinois law by collecting
prepayment penalties in accordance with the terms of the
mortgages of certain borrowers whose loans had been accelerated
due to default, and which later were prepaid by the borrowers.

The Company believes that approximately 27 Illinois mortgages
are subject to the allegations.  In addition, the plaintiffs
allege their claims apply to loans that Company made in all
other states in addition to Illinois, where the Company
collected prepayment penalties in these particular
circumstances.  The claim of Ms. Barbosa was separated from the
potential class action by a motion to compel arbitration
pursuant to the arbitration agreement in her mortgage, and the
claim has been settled.  The mortgages of some or all of the
other plaintiffs in the alleged class do not contain arbitration

The court dismissed the sole federal law claim alleged by
the plaintiffs against a non-affiliated defendant, and as a
result dismissed without prejudice the state law claims against
the Company and the other remaining defendants on jurisdictional
grounds.  The remaining named plaintiff re-filed the case as
"Loisann Singer, et al. v. Saxon Mortgage Services (f/k/a
Meritech Mortgage Services, Inc.), et al." in the Circuit Court
of Cook County, Illinois, Case No. 03CH13222 , and on the
Company's motion, the case was removed to the U.S. District
Court for the Northern District of Illinois on September 10,

The parties have agreed to a settlement in exchange for
a dismissal which would require the Company to pay approximately
$0.2 million to the group of 27 former Illinois borrowers and
their attorneys.  The Court has entered an order approving
the settlement, and the Company is in the process of performing
our obligations under the settlement agreement.  Each of the 27
former borrowers may choose to opt out of the settlement and may
pursue individual actions against the Company.  The settlement
would not preclude former borrowers in other states from
bringing similar claims, or attempting to assert similar claims
as a class action.

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Oh yes, I have heard of Saxon, Meritech, Deuch Bank, whatever their name is this week.  I have been fighting for my home for the past two years.  I filed Chp. 13, they accepted my payments for 1 year...then what they did, is hold my payments without processing them, and filed a motion with the court to be dismissed from the Chp. 13 to continue with their foreclosure, based on my non-payment.  They returned my checks to me, the same day I received the notice of the courts approval for them to foreclose...Of course, I showed my attorney. My 13 has been changed to a 7.  I am sick of fighting with them, they have raised my interest rate to the point that I couldn't even afford to stay here anymore.  Something I will ask my attorney, is how can they keep increasing my payment, when it exceeds the amount that I qualified for when I originally purchased my home in 1999??

I don't trust them any longer, well, I havn't trusted them for a long time.  Even my attorney said they were "A**holes".

I noticed that this company is on the "list" on the home page of this site, it was not when I orginally posted on this forum, so, I feel in that respect progress is being made.  I go to court on 11/4 for my 7, I am wondering if they will be represented there.  I havn't made a payment to them since March, since they won't accept them.  Something, I will have to discuss when I go to court, I am sure.  Not looking forward to it.  Saxon is truly unscroupolus, they were not my choice, I was sold to them by First Bank, when I re-fied with them in 2002.  The nightmare continues!!

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They're setting you up.  That's exactly how I ended up living out of a Ford Explorer!!

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Please correct me if I'm wrong but I was told that IT IS a violation of BK law to stop accepting payment issued by a trustee under chapter 13.Have you requested a copy from your trustee of all payments they sent to Saxon? Sometimes the trustee won't give that info to you BUT the attorney who represented you in the 13 is entitled to it and you are also. I have nothing against BK attorney's but BK is their specialty they really don't understand mortgage servicing fraud. The final point I would like to make is if you continued to make your monthly payments to your mortgage company and your required BK payment plans you can fight it in federal court. Some of us are left to fight at state level.
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Unfortunately, only my alledged "arrears" was included in my Chp 13 plan, I had been paying my current mortgage payment direct to Saxon. Looking back, I should have insisted that everything be paid directly to the trustee.  What they did with my payments I thought must be illegal, and took this to my attorney, he made numerous attempts to contact Saxon, but they would not work with him either...something I thought was berzerk!  There is nearly $40,000 equity in this house, and they want it!  As I said this has been an on-going battle for two years!  Saxon has blocked my re-finance attempts by inflating my pay-off amounts making my loan to value ratio so high that it is un-attractive to other lenders. In one month my pay-off was inflated by $16,000. A man who wanted to do a "deed-of trust" re-finance, called to get a pay-off from Saxon, when the pay-off amount was too high, he tried to negotiate with them, and was told "make us an offer" and fax it to us.

Now how weird is that??  I should have known from the beginning, when they called about a late payment---I was sold to them, and had made my payment to the original mortgage bank-First Bank.  I had no documentation from Saxon at all at that point, and told them my payment was sent to First was about a week later that I finally got notification from First Bank that my mortgage had been sold, and a couple of days after that, that I got my "Welcome Package" from Saxon.  We didn't start out on a good note, but everything was fine after that for about 14 months, then when I changed my payment to an automatic withdrawal- that's when I noticed that they didn't take the second month out..

When I called them and told them about it- I was already in foreclosure, and my house to go on the auction block in three weeks time.  I had absolutely no notices from Saxon that this was to occur, and was told by them that they don't have to notify me.  I was told that I was $5,900 in arrears (how, I don't know) late fees, attorney fees, and fees for fees, it was all crazy.  I sent them $10,000, and was told I was still over $5900 in arrears.  This has been a nightmare for two years!

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Another point I would like to make I've been told by a lender not involved in my case it is against bankruptcy law to charge late fees. What I would do is contact your attorney and get Saxton to issue you a reinstatement. Have you researched filing a temporary restraining order to stay the sale? It's worth checking out if the lender is unwilling to cooperate.
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There is no sale date at this point.  I have not heard from Saxon or their attorney for months.  I go to court on my 7 on 11/4.  I am thinking at that point that I will be told to get out of my house in x number of days. Unless Saxon wants to work with me, but my attorney says that is unlikely.


As far as them charging me more...they have raised my interest rate 3 times since I have been in BK- according to my attorney, they have a right to do that. My BK does not change the original terms of the loan.


I'll let you all know what happens in court.

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Well, went to court on my 7- all they did was ask a couple of questions, and that was it!!  My attorney said, that's it, we are done.  You are debt free..About the house???? Dunno- Still have not heard a peep out of Saxon.  We need to get looking for another place to live, because I fear that they will notifiy me, and say you have 10 days to get out.

I know they recently foreclosed on another house around here, so maybe they were busy with them, and just havn't gotten to me yet...Funny though, I did get a letter in the mail yesterday telling me that because I am such a good customer and my ARM is about to end that I qualify to re-finance....this was a stock letter, surely they can't be serious!  Since they were not at the meeting, I am assuming that they just want the house-but I do find it odd that I have not heard from them or their attorney's.

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You need to find out from your attorney about your house.  He should know what is going on.  Ours didn't, and consequently over 2 years later and after losing the house we are still fighting in court over some major points that he should have told us.

In fact, he "forgot" to put our 2 mortgages into the Chapter 7!  So please, don't let this happen to you.  You would be surprised how many BK lawyers turn out to be incompetent or simply don't know themselves how this works.  I pray this is not the case with you as it was (and is) with us.

Keep us posted, please.  We are all rooting for you.

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Everything is on there that should have been.  My atty can't tell me anything about the house, because Saxon would not communicate with him.  This is the same tactic they used on a house they just took a couple of blocks from me.  Like I said, I find it very odd that I haven't heard from them at all. At the very least I thought I would get a certified letter telling me to go. 

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I am looking for someplace else to either rent,or buy.  My banker had me looking a place he foreclosed on, but it is in very sad shape, the 5 acres may be worth it-but the house needs a bunch of work. This place goes up on the court house steps in a couple of weeks.  At this point, while I really love my house, I am tired of the fight and the stress and think we should just move on. I am worried about being thrown out of here in a moments notice...could that happen?

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Well, here we are 3/29/ BK discharged on 2/27/06.  We are planning

on moving in a couple of weeks.  I still have not heard a peep out of Saxon!

Is no news good news???

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In this case, I would say no news is NOT good news.  There is no excuse for someone not to reply to you.

Keep at 'em.  If you are not getting any answers, it sounds pretty suspicious to me.  Of course that's up to you, and maybe my view is colored by what happened to us, but it always makes me think that they are hiding something.  May not be true but still--

On the other hand, perhaps you might stir up something.  Guess maybe I shouldn't give advice here since our BK was screwed up horribly by our lawyer.  I just don't want to see someone go through what we have and still are.

No body
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Da! The Key hear is the BK was discharged. Unless you reaffirmed the debt they should not be calling regarding payment. Once they receive the discharge notice and if your delinquent they'll either continue or begin a foreclosure action.

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Yeah!  That's what I am wondering....Here it is 4/9 and I still havn't heard from them.  I am not going to reafirm with them, I want nothing to do with them....I hope to be moving out of here soon.

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I am a realtor in Texas and my client is with Saxon. Unfortunately, they have not been able to make a payment in two months due to disability, etc.  I have requested them to do a short sale and the oddest thing happened.  The loss coordinator called the homeowner and said, "Just have them fax an offer." This is the first time I have ever heard of something like this.  I have read all your comments on your thread.  Believe me they are hiding something and I would suggest you all band together and anyone else you can find to fight this.  I know my clients are in default of your loan and Saxon has some rights in this case.  But when they completely ignore payments and hold them.  They file petitions to foreclose after holding payments, etc.  There is a lot of illegal stuff going on here.  I have an attorney friend and will file and injunction for me if they refuse to give a payoff amount.  There are people out there to help you so document, document, and document.  Tell them you are recording conversations when or if they call.  I bet they don't stay on the line long.


God Bless and I pray that you all are able to work through this.  Don't give up and this and stand up and fight. 

Me 2
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To misinhome


It's good to hear from someone on the other side that is trying to help others in stead of take advantage of them, thanks for taking the time to respond and show your support, we sure do need it.



From Me 2 Fighting Predatory Lending & Mortgage Servicing Fraud

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Well, last I heard from the old neighborhood is that no one has been to my old house, but someone did tell me that it was in the paper to go up for auction on the court-house steps July7...I guess it's done.  I have not heard from Saxon, other than the letters advising me that they have yet again raised my interest rate!!!   But, it says "if you are in a bankruptcy proceeding this letter is for informational purposes only".    I am done with them...hopefully they are done with me!

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I received an e-mail from an attorney asking me who Saxon's attorney's are.

Apparently she is trying to help someone that Saxon is trying to foreclose on.

She had been trying to communicate with Saxon to no avail, and found this site when this thread came up in a Google search.


I believe that the attorney firms they use vary from state to state.  I know

they used two different attorney firms with me.  After I communicated with the first firm, and sent them a spread sheet of payments, I think they declined to work my file.  They consequently found another firm, after I filed BK.  If anyone knows who Saxon uses in the San Diego, CA. can you please post in this thread for this woman.

Sinking Ships
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If nothing else, a good guess would be to hit the USFN (United States Foreclosure Network) website, see which firms in San Deigo are USFN members and go from there.

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Saxon has a big sub-servicing business. There's a good chance that if you have a subprime loan, you'll wind up there.
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Note: When based in any part upon state law, BBB Aware Reports are based upon California law.
Consumers in states other than California should refer to the laws of their state.
PUBLICATION NO. 117                                                                                                                                REVISED 10/96



When you apply for a home mortgage, you may think that the lender, or loan originator, will service the loan until it is paid off or your house is sold. This is not always true. In today's market, mortgage servicing rights often are bought and sold.

If you are notified that your home mortgage servicing has been sold to another company, you may wonder how that will affect your loan terms and monthly payments. Some consumers have complained that they were not given enough notice of loan servicing transfers and were unfairly charged late fees and penalties.

In 1990, the National Affordable Housing Act was passed to address some of these concerns. This report explains what a mortgage servicer does and what your rights are under the Housing Act. It also tells what you can do if you have a complaint about the transfer of your loan servicing.

What are the Responsibilities of a Mortgage Servicer?

The mortgage servicer collects your monthly payments and handles your escrow account. An escrow account is a fund that your lender establishes in order to pay property taxes and hazard insurance as they become due on your home during the year. In this way, the lender uses the escrow account to guard its investment in your home.

When your escrow account is first established, your mortgage servicer must give you a statement telling you the estimated taxes, insurance premiums and other charges that are anticipated over the next 12 months and the expected totals of those payments.

The mortgage servicer also is required to give you an annual statement that details the activity of your escrow account. This statement shows your account balance and reflects payments for property taxes and homeowners insurance.

What Does the Housing Act Require Lenders or Servicers to Do?

To protect consumers, the National Affordable Housing Act requires lenders or servicers to do the following.

Provide a disclosure statement.

The disclosure statement says whether the lender intends to sell the mortgage servicing immediately; whether the mortgage servicing can be sold at any time during the life of the loan; and the percentage of loans the lender has sold previously. During 1992, the Act required lenders to disclose the percentage of loans for which the servicing was sold in 1990 and 1991. Since 1993, lenders have been required to report figures for the previous three years. The percentages are to be noted in the ranges of 0-25%, 26-50%, 51-75%, and 76-100%. The lender also must provide information about servicing procedures, transfer practices, and complaint resolution.

If you have a face-to-face interview with a lender, you must receive the disclosure statement at the time of the loan application. If you apply for a loan by mail, the lender has three business days to send you the disclosure statement after receiving your application. If you do not return a signed disclosure statement, the lender cannot fund a mortgage for you.

Give proper notification when the loan servicing is going to be sold.

If your current servicer plans to sell your loan servicing, you must be notified at least 15 days before the effective date of the transfer unless you received a written transfer notice at settlement. The effective date is when the first mortgage payment is due at the new servicer's address.

Under certain circumstances, the current servicer has up to 30 days after the effective date of the transfer to send you notification. These circumstances include:

? The lender terminates the contract because, for example, you have defaulted on the loan.

? The servicer files for bankruptcy.

? The Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation or the Resolution Trust Corporation begins proceedings to take over the servicer's operations.

Include certain information in the notice.

If your loan servicing is going to be sold, you should receive two notices--one from the current servicer and one from the new mortgage servicer. The new servicer must notify you not more than 15 days after the transfer has occurred. The notices must include the following information:

? The name and address of the new servicer.

? The date the current servicer will stop accepting mortgage payments, and the date the new servicer will begin accepting them.

? Free or collect call telephone numbers for both the current servicer and the new servicer that you can call for information about the transfer of service.

? Information that tells whether you can continue any option insurance, such as mortgage life or disability insurance, and what action, if any, you must take to maintain coverage. You also must be told whether the insurance terms will change.

? A statement that the transfer will not affect any terms or conditions of the contract you signed with the original mortgage company, other than terms directly related to the servicing of the loan. For example, if your old lender did not require an escrow account, but allowed you to pay property taxes and insurance premiums on your own, the new servicer cannot demand that you establish such an account.

Grant a Grace Period During the Transfer of the Loan Servicing.

After the transfer, there is a 60-day grace period. During this time you cannot be charged a late fee if you mistakenly send your mortgage payment to the old mortgage servicer instead of the new one. In addition, the fact that your new servicer may have received your payment late cannot be reported to a credit bureau.

Respond Promptly to written Inquiries.

If you believe you have been improperly charged a penalty or late fee, or there are other problems with the servicing of your loan, contact your servicer in writing. Be sure to include your account number and explain why you believe your account is incorrect.

Within 20 business days of receiving your inquiry, the servicer must send you a written response acknowledging your inquiry. Within 60 business days, the servicer must either correct your account or determine it is accurate. The servicer must send you a written notice of what action it took and why.

Do not subtract any disputed amount from your mortgage payment. Many mortgage servicers will refuse to accept what they consider to be partial payments. They may return the check and charge a late fee, or declare the mortgage to be in default and start foreclosure proceedings.

What can you do if you have a complaint?

If you believe the servicer has not responded appropriately to your written inquiry, contact your local Better Business Bureau. You may also want to contact the Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD) to file a complaint under the National Affordable Housing Act if your lender is certified by HUD. Write to: Office of Single Family Housing, HUD, Room 9282, Washington, DC 20410.

You may also want to contact an attorney to advise you of your legal rights. Under the National Affordable Housing Act, consumers can initiate class action suits and obtain actual damages, plus additional damages, for a pattern or practice of noncompliance. In successful actions, consumers also may obtain court costs and attorneys fees.

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Trish... and anyone out there that has had any difficulty with Saxon Mortgage can you please email me!  I am currently fighting them because they destroyed my credit and reported incorrect payment history.  I have to file with the courts in an attempt to amend my complaint since they have through their attorney violated my rights even further.  Thanks!

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saxon, i got behind on my payments and got with them and set up payments

in which they set up after i made a down payment then the payment plan would start i made all the payments on time at the end i got a call and this is when they told me that i missed payments and i know this to be a lie i never missed any payments the lady agree and then told me that the person who set up the payment plan did it wrong and that i had to pay $$$$  for there mistake, so  i told her it was bull ---- i payed it, and still they say i have not paid it all, and adding late fees so what next????

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Dear rippingmeoff,


I would certainly seek legal advice.  First things first, I would start a journal and write everything down that you can because you are going to want to show what exactly they are doing.  I might end up converting my existing litigation to a class action.  I am in my attorney's office and she is upset with what I have just read to her.  Please don't give up!  It is a battle but when we have the knowledge we will suceed!


God Bless and keep me posted!


Warmest regards,



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They foreclosed on my house in December. 


I had nothing but problems from the start.  It ended with them bumping my monthly payment $300+ by saying I didn't have insurance.  They had the info on file and had signed an insurance check for storm damages just three months previous.  


The insurance agent & I sent the policy in several times but got the runaround every time I called checking on status.  I called in several times a week for two months waiting for the credit to post.  They wouldn't take anything less than a full months payment until I was more than three months behind and by then they had already started foreclosure proceedings. 


I lost my house due to no fault of my own ... lost the equity in the house ... and will probably never get approved for another loan because of this. 


Needless to say, I am not a fan of Saxon Mortgage. 

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Dear Jane,
I am sorry to hear that!  I just received a call today from a gentleman who is concerned and possibly wanting to participate in a class action lawsuit.  I just got off the phone to my attorney because she was mentioning that we might have to go that way since there a way to many people who are being harmed by Saxon.  Can you somehow email me so we can talk on the phone?  I will be at my attorneys office tomorrow at 11:00 AM Pacific time.
God Bless and please don't think that you will never be approved, because we can NEVER GIVE UP!  Keep the faith!  I was told by my Mother that God never gives us more than we can handle!
Warmest regards,
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I too am fighting with Saxon Mortgage...the last two years of my life have been utter hell!

They are unscrupulous, unethical and outright thieves!  In their latest feat of injustice, I actually had to pay their attorney's fees because they claimed I had made no mortgage payments between 10/2006 - 01-2007. Even though I had documentation that I had in fact made payments, and the money was withdrawn from my account.

I am currently in Chapter 13 and I still have to pay the $800 lawyers fees for their bogus claim that I didn't make my payments. My attorney said that it was "pretty standard" for people in my situation to have to pay this type of fee.

Ugh! I even started a blog, partially just to give myself a place to vent and partially because I know that I am not alone. There are others out there who are victims of the demonic entity known as Saxon Mortgage and maybe if we all share our stories, we may help others from falling into Saxon's hands.

I'm so tired of fighting and I am no longer even happy about owning my first home.

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Wow all of this is so scary.  My loan just got sold to Saxon mortgage and we are already getting the run around.  I am doing payments through their online service so hopefully they can't screw me that way.

All of the accounts on here seem to mirror my experience with Washington Mutual.  Sending payments back after 3 weeks then charging late fees after then up for forclosure......all along being told the opposite from the company.  I remember one time we talked to them they said the house was not in forclosure that they were going to work something out with me.  Then I received a knock on the door and it was the Sherrif with the Sale information.  I was just on the phone with them.  We called them back and they said there was no way we got a sale notice.  HUH.  In the end we sold the house first but had to pay very high legal fees to the company.

I totally agree if you can record the conversation that is best.  Our lawyer told us it is like a he said / she said thing.  If you don't have proof they said it then they can dispute it and there is nothing you can do.

So I guess I need to arm myself for Saxon Mortgage. 
Mike Dillon
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Alter your payments every month so they're easier to track - round up $1 and add .01 for January's payment, .02 for Feb, .03 for March etc. That's one of the easier and obvious tricks that I've picked up from those that have gone before me.

Take your payments off of automatic payment. Don't give them access to any of your accounts in any manner, shape or form. Start sending your payments certified return receipt (CRR) every month. It will be worth it to have the additional evidence that they received the payments. Save the receipts as well as you may eventually be reimbursed for the cost if you end up in court - $40-50 a year is $40-50 especially when added on to all of the other expenses you may eventually have.

Start a time line documenting names, dates, times and any documents received/sent having literally anything to do with your loan. This will be invaluable to you several years from now when you're trying to remember what happened today.

Stop any and all communications by telephone. If that can't be helped then follow up each and every telephone conversation with anyone regarding your loan with a letter documenting the conversation and subject matter involved.

Save literally everything that has anything to do with you loan. Get a file box going. Keep a package of manila folders next to it so you can start a new folder if/when new segments of information need to be added. The more info you have in the paper trail the better.

Hit your county registry and do a title search on your loan so you've got the assignments and, especially, the dates that any documents were filed. If you can access  your county on line you can at least take a look now and see what's already recorded but get there ASAP and get copies of everything pertinent to your loan that is recorded as of the day that you get there. Documents have a habit of getting "lost", or at least sidetracked, on the way to being recorded. Mine took the better part of two years and only found their way ten days before I was served with my Notice of Foreclosure. Funny how that worked out .

Good luck. Start your education now and you'll be ahead of the curve if/when it becomes time to go to the mattresses. And don't forget, the only dumb question is the one that goes unasked around here.
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I just got a check today from Saxon Mortgage for $290.33 as part of a lawsuit settlement. Anyone else out there get one? I've filled out and sent in several Class Action lawsuit papers I received in the mail, and was just wondering. I can't seem to find anything about a settlement or a case on the net, and there was no letter of explanation in the envelope, just a check and statement issued from Saxon Mortgage. And on top of that, I've never done business with these people, unless it was someone I tried to apply for a Home Equity loan with a couple years back.

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Originally Posted by Matt

I just got a check today from Saxon Mortgage for $290.33 as part of a lawsuit settlement. Anyone else out there get one? I've filled out and sent in several Class Action lawsuit papers I received in the mail, and was just wondering. I can't seem to find anything about a settlement or a case on the net, and there was no letter of explanation in the envelope, just a check and statement issued from Saxon Mortgage. And on top of that, I've never done business with these people, unless it was someone I tried to apply for a Home Equity loan with a couple years back.

Ah, nevermind, it was a part of this settlement case....

And I do business, or did business anyways, with Ameriquest.
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