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Banks may have a new tactic for robo-signing documents.

"Ultimate Robo-Signers"-- a single person using multiple names and notary stamps, for different states.

I've found compelling evidence suggesting that it is in-fact happening.

It first came to my attention while going over documents in California. Two in particular. A 2014 Assignment notarized by Amanda Welch in Florida. And a 2015 Substitution of Trustee notarized by Amanda Williams, also Florida.

Those documents led me to a Texas notary, Amanda Farrar.


Farrar's first TX. commission was Feb 2, 2005. She robo-signed for all the usual suspects. Here she is signing for MERS in 2007 (keep these signatures in mind for later).


Feb 7, 2013, she re-applies for commission under ‘Amanda Welch’.

(snapshot of the Texas database)

Along with her name change comes a new signature.

"The stamp commission expires February 7, 2017. Only 1 Amanda Welch with a commission expiring that day/ year. (ID:
125187572 - Amanda Farrar)"


Now we come to the Florida documents. First, the Assignment notarized by Amanda Williams in 2015.[image]

Second, a Trustee Sub. notarized by Amanda Welch in 2014.


(side by side comparison of the 2 notaries signature)  

[image]     Williams #FF194412           [image]    Welch #FF091443

Obviously the same person. So I checked the Florida registry and found Amanda Williams # FF194412, but there was no Amanda Welch # FF091443.

I called the Florida Dept. of Corporations. They said they have a record of an Amanda Williams / Welch name change. But they don't know why it doesn't show in the database. 

"Gee... I wonder if it could have anything to do with the fact she's using 2 stamps with different names, at the same time?! Maybe the Banks are paying the state of Florida... Ya think!?

But here's the thing. Name changes don't usually change a notaries commission number. This person is using 2 stamps at the same time under different names. So I decided to see what else I could find.

Finally I came across a Quit claim Deed signed by an Amanda L Welch. The middle initial was different and the signatures weren't an exact match, but the 'A' and 'W' shared similar traits.


I started searching other states for documents signed by an Amanda Welch. That's when I came across this in Texas. "Pretty damn close to the Florida robo-signer above, right?"


And that's what lead me to Amanda Farrar aka Amanda Welch.

"Two robo-signers named Amanda Welch with similar signatures ... What are the odds?"

So I go through more documents, and come across 2 more robo-signers with similar signatures.


And , Angela Zavala.



I search both names in different states and find Angela Carter, Kentucky & Missouri notary/robo-signer. (Remember Amanda Farrar's signature?)                             


Angela Carter MO.png


When I search the Texas registry for Zavala, I find she too changed her name, from the previous, 'Angela Carter'. "Wow... Imagine that!"

So here's two robo-signers [Amanda Farrar & Angela Carter] changing names & signatures. The style of change is exactly the same. And both signatures are similar in trait.

"Seriously... What are the odds?"

(snapshot of database for Zavala/Carter)


Then I find another. "Look familiar?"


And another.

Anna Laura Cedillo.png 


Here's another possible candidate, Indiana notary/robo-signer Amanda J Coomer. (notice she starts signing to the right, but then it changes)


If you study the A's, and the way her M's & N's tilt inwards, you'll see it all throughout.

I'm sure to some this seems far fetched, but those familiar with the bank and foreclosure mills dirty tactics know what they're capable of. If these weren't all part of robo-signed documents I might think differently, but they are.

And many of them found on documents that involve McCarthy & Holthus, one of the dirtiest & sleaziest corrupt foreclosure mills in the business. They own Quality Loans Services and have direct affiliations with ALAW and Black Knight.

If I'm right (and I know am), these are all done by the same person. And even if they weren't (but they are), it still proves robo-signing notaries are using name changes to receive multiple stamps for different identities. That's fraud.

And because the purpose of robo-signing is to accomplish the end means of Grand Theft, it's a felony!

This links to Amanda Welch's profile in Texas. I believe she's the one behind these. Her employment isn't with the Banks, it's with building companies. And they do work with real estate documents.

Notaries are bonded, meaning people have claims for damages caused by robo-signing. It's important to request notary logs for any & all assignments and substitutions you receive.

Also, keep checking the county records. Documents aren't always filed under the homeowners name either. Sometimes things get filed under the bank or foreclosure mills name. Make sure to check under the alleged foreclosing trust name also.

Keep in mind that documents filed under various spellings can prevent you from finding them. For example, "WAMU AR 14" will turn up some things that "W A M U A R 1 4" won't. Comma's & dashes can make a difference too. 

AR 14, AR14 and AR-14 will all turn up different things. "WAMU Trust" and "Washington Mutual Pass-Through Trust" show different things, even though they're all for the same trust.

It's a dirty tactic being used to hide filings from people. 

Stay vigilant, and scrutinize everything!

The documents used to find these and others are posted to my scribd page.

or just google "Robo-Signing Gems" followed by roman numerals. So far there's only I thru VII, but more are coming. And these are gold mines!

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