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I notice that  JPMORGAN CHASE BANK, Successor in Interest by Purchase from the FDIC as Receiver for WASHINGTON MUTUAL BANK  FKA WASHINGTON MUTUAL BANK, FA  has started to issuing a flood of Assignments to BAYVIEW LOAN SERVICING LLC.

How can they assigned these Mortgages when technically wasn't an assignment from Washington Mutual to JPMorgan Chase and where they claim the original Note has been lost, stolen or destroyed or whereabouts is unknown?  Can they Assign a Mortgage that is already in default?
Johnny Broccoli
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Bay View Loan Servicing, LLC, are a band of criminal's AFRAID of honest starvation,& unemployment. The ROLE WILL BE REVERSED
Johnny Broccoli
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More professionally, an irregularity occurred , during the FORECLOSURE PROCESS, that, from experience detect's, "illegal procedure". I am inclined to MEDIATE , an amicable resolution. I lost, blood sweat, and, tear's, praying for HONEST, UNBIASED , fair-play, and,
identify, the, corruptive, conduct, by, your agent's. For sure, GOOD HELP is hard to find.
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